What negociation means ?

The main principles of negotiation

Negotiating is dialogue since it means "agree with"

It is wanting to lead a constructive discussion with the speaker and thus create a climate of mutual trust by seeking both sides a common ground. Before trading, you should carefully think about the conditions of work you want and determine the negotiable points and those who are not. Consider including issues concerning wages, hours of work, status ...

Negotiating is convince / persuade:

So give the employer all the arguments that will help you negotiate, for example, your salary.

The art of persuasion can be learned - these are the attitudes that should help you convince:

     Be credible - You must be concrete and prove your claim. Whether it is at the stage of the interview or the negotiation, master your remarks with tangible facts. For example, your results, figures;
     Be consistent - Your argument must be considered and built;
     Be consistent - show that beyond words, you are driven by real convictions that drive you;
     Be comfortable with yourself and with others - Accept your flaws and qualities. This sum is to be authentic and be able to adapt to your interlocutor.

Negotiating is fit:

A major principle in the negotiations: each person should know not to make the other. When your friend calls into question some of your requirements, show you open by offering an alternative:

"Although I had not planned to work on Saturday, I can organize myself. However, could I get that day in my choice?".