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We frequently update our FAQs, but if, after consulting this section, we still haven't answered your query, please feel free to contact us.

  • ► What are the advantages of free membership?

    Discover our memberships options by clicking here.

    As part of your free membership, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter and you can send us general information about your company.  We can use the latter to give you a free HR audit.  If you would like to take advantage of a free HR audit just let us know and we'll put you in touch with one of our HR experts to arrange a free introductory session.
  • ► What are the benefits of premium membership?

    Premium members have access to our HR Toolkit and our forum for professionals.

    They also benefit from a discount on for all coaching and training programmes (10% off each session).

    Discover the full benefits of the premium membership by clicking here.


  • ► How does premium membership work?

    When you buy premium membership you are authorising us to make a recurring payment to our PayPal account for a fixed amount (as advertised on the website). Once the subscription is set up, you can access the successful transaction on Paypal and they will give you more information about your subscription. We will also send you a subscription confirmation email.

    You can also access your payment history on your FlexiJobs profile in the "My Membership" tab.

    On Paypal, you can view your subscriptions and recurring payments in two ways:

    From your history:

    1 - Log into your PayPal account.
    2 - Click "History" at the top of the page.
    3 - Click 'More Filters' and then select 'Subscriptions and contracts' and 'Subscriptions'.
    4 - Then select the desired period and click 'View'.
    5 - Click 'Details' for the subscription that you want to see.

    From your preferences:

    1 - Log into your PayPal account.
    2 - Click 'Settings' at the top of the page.
    3 - Click 'Recurring Payments' in the Financial Information column.
    4 - Click 'View Details' to view the membership.

    This page contains detailed information about your membership and recurring billing information. You can change or cancel your membership at any time.


  • ► How long is the membership for?

    At the moment, we are offering two options:

    • 3 months membership
    • 12 months membership


  • ► Can I subscribe to premium membership for a trial period?

    At the moment, we don't offer the option to sign up for a trial period. However, it is something we want to implement quickly. Keep in touch with the latest developments on our website by signing up to our newsletter.


  • ► How can I switch from a 3 month to a 12 month membership?

    We would like to remind you that your subscription is automatically renewed unless stated otherwise by you in Paypal. If you wish to switch membership, you will need to cancel your current membership and subscribe again for the one you want.


  • ► Once registered, how do I access my personal account?

    Here is how you can access your personal account:

    1) From the home page - click Login at the top of the page (to the right of the Flexijobs logo)
    2) From the link that you received in your confirmation email

    By registering on our website, you have read and accepted our privacy policy/ terms & conditions.

  • ► How do I renew my premium membership?

    You do not need to renew your membership as this is done automatically. By subscribing on the FlexiJobs site, you authorise us to make a recurring charge to your PayPal account for a fixed amount


  • ► I need a receipt of payment, how do I get it?

    You will receive two written confirmations:

    • Receipt of payment from Paypal
    • Confirmation email from FlexiJobs


  • ► I have changed my mind, can I get a refund on my membership?

    If you have just subscribed to FlexiJobs and have changed your mind about premium membership, you have the legal right, in some cases, to cancel your membership before the service begins and receive a full refund.

    You can cancel your membership within seven working days of the date of it starting, provided that we have not yet begun to provide services to you, for example, coaching services which you have paid for; networking events or if you have already used our online library.

  • ► I don't wish to renew my membership, will I keep access to my account?

    You will retain full access to your profile as well as the history of your purchases on our site.

    However, you won't be able to access our HR Toolkit or our library of coaching exercises.

    Your personal data is stored on a secure server and will be reactivated if you wish to renew your membership.

  • ► How do I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel your membership on Paypal at any time:

    1- Log into your PayPal account.
    2- Click "History" at the top of the page.
    3- Find the payment you want to cancel.
    4- Click "Cancel" in the "Action" column of the unclaimed transaction.
    5- Click 'Cancel a payment'.

    PayPal can not, however, cancel a transaction completed. Please don't hesitate to contact our customer services if you need further support.

    If you wish to cancel your free membership, simply email us at