Selection tests

Selection tests and assessment centres

Selection tests have become more popular over the last decade as employers have sought higher level of validity in choosing between candidates. We strongly recommend that you include some form of test to establish that candidates have the appropriate skills for the role in question. Those tests can take the form of literacy, numeracy or IT tests, Case study scenarios, Role plays, Exercises, Presentations, Business related problem solving exercises, in tray exercises.

FlexiJobs support

Our HR consultants are able to help you to design, develop and administer your test. Do contact us for further details

There are several advantages and disadvantages of assessment centres

The advantages are:

  • They allow more time to make a more considered assessment

  • The greater the range of measures that are taken, the better the chances of being able to accurately predict future job performance

  • They project a professional image of the organisation to candidates

  • There are other worthwile organisational benefits in terms of developing other skills in assessors (listening, counselling, etc..)

There are also disadvantages:

  • They are expensinve to run and senior managers can often not see that they (or the costs) are justified

  • They take up massive amounts of time of both assessors (who are often line-managers in the organisation) and candidates

  • They are difficult to organise at short notice

  • They have poor credibility if ill thought out

  • They are gruelling for the candidate, give them little opportunity to relax, and may give little feedback on their performance

  • They do not always test what they purport to test.