Plan the media

Recruitment is expensive so use the right media

An advertising agency can advise you on the choice of media (press, radio, television) and its cost. You can find the cost of advertising in particular media through the British Rates and Data (BRAD).

The so-called "quality papers" are best for managerial, professional and technical jobs. The popular press, especially evening papers, can be used to reach staff such as sales representatives and technicians. Local papers can often be best for recruiting, office staff and manual workers. Professional and trade journals can reach your audience directly, but results can be erratic and it may be advisable to use them to supplement a national campaign.

Avoid Saturdays and be cautious about repeating job ads in the same medium. Diminishing returns can set in rapidly.

The costs of advertising

According to CIPD's recruitment, retention and turnover survey 2008, the recruitment costs for a senior manager or director is in the region of £10,000 with managers and professionals costing around £553 each to recruit. The average cost of recruitment per employee was £4,667.