Recruitment methods

Time to think about the recruitment process

Once the vacancy has been planned and decisions have been made about the different ways it might be filled, it's time to think about the recruitment process.

There are many differents ways of attracting candidates. One is internal recruitment. Can you think of any advantages to this method? Another is oftern referred to as word-of-mouth. Can you see which sectors/industries are particularly associated with these methods? Have you ever known these informal methods work within your business? Do you think that they make good practice?

There are of course other methods. The below table gives you a much better idea of the numbers of recruitment methods that are around:

Recruitment agencies
Own corporate website
Local newspaper advertisements
Specialist journals/trade press
Employee referral scheme
Encouraging speculative applications/word of mouth
Jobcentre plus
National newspaper advertisements
Links with schools/colleges/universities
Search consultants
Commercial job boards
Physical posters
Radio or TV advertisements

Your resources: