Induction programmes matter

Before a new employee starts work, the contents of the induction programme need to be decided. The purpose of the programme is to give the recruit a thorough overview of your organisation so that they understand the business and their role within it.

The summary below gives an example of what to cover in an induction programme and why, including which items are mandatory (M) or optional (O) depending on your judgement of the nature of their role and whether the new member of staff is to be permanent, temporary or a freelance contractor. Please make sure that if you decide it’s helpful to schedule in shadowing sessions that these are put into context for the new starter.

Team Purpose Contact Perm Fixed
Marketing/Comms Understand your organisation's marketing and communications work (internal, including intranet, and external) Marketing/comms team M O
HR Undertake health and safety training HR department M O
Directors Discuss corporate objectives Directors M O

Liaising with a new employee

Prior the start date, you should liaise with the employee to ensure that he/she knows what time they should arrive on their first day and to whom they should report. The new staff member should bring the following documents on their first day:

  • evidence of their entitlement to work in the UK
  • P45
  • bank account details
  • National Insurance number