HR planning

HR planning and vacancy determination

Determining the vacancy involves the assessment of your vacancy against a number of questions.

  • Is there a vacancy in the first place?

  • Has someone left, or is the organisation growing leaving holes that need filling?

  • Do you want to replace the same job with the same tasks and duties, or should you take this opportunity to change the post a little?

Organisations change all the time - perhaps this is an opportunity to change the nature of a post when it becomes vacant. If you wish to make alterations to a post, you have a number of options available to you. You could:

  • Reorganise the work

  • Use overtime

  • Mechanise the work

  • Stagger the hours

  • Make the job part-time

  • Subcontract the work

  • Use an agency

The whole process is complex, but if your HR function is to be fully effective, then every vacancy becomes an opportunity for work restructuring, cost advantage, and problem and issue assessment.

This require a strategic and co-ordinated approach, to avoid the problems that arise when this doesn't happen.

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