Recruitment and selection

Setting the recruitment scene

There are several different ways that an employer can attract potential employees to their organisation. Some of these may be very complicated. For example, they could use a recruitment agency, advertising widely, even in different countries, spending thousands of pounds and taking months over the process. Or they could post a notice in the window of their premises or on their website and employ the first person who shows an interest in the job. In this e-learning solution, you will see that the most appropriate method depends on the circumstances.

No matter how it is done and how much it costs, the process of attracting candidates and selecting the most suitable is crucial to the performance of a business. Even if the process only involves sticking a notice in the window and chatting to potential employees, the process is still taking up someone's time and therefore costing money. Furthermore, if a bad decision is made and the new employee is unsuitable, they will leave and the whole process starts again. This will cause internal disruption to the business and invoke more costs in finding, selecting and training another new employee. No matter how easy finding a new employee may seem, it's something that is always best done thoughtfully and carefully.

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