Constructive feedback

Giving constructive feedback - Some Dos & Dont's


  • Give feedback promptly and regularly, don't save it up, ideally do it as quickly as possible after the situation to which it relates
  • Ask the person for their views first, you may learn something that you were unaware of
  • Stick to facts of the situation, describe observable behaviour of outcomes, give specific examples
  • Include the positives as well as the areas for improvement
  • Encourage the person to suggest how they could improve or change the situation


  • Drag up old information that has been dealt with previously unless there is a very good reason for doing so
  • Rely on subjective opinions, your own or anyone else's, e.g. "Ive heard your colleagues have very little respect for you"
  • Criticise things that a person is unable to change e.g. "You have an irritating voice that tends to get on people's nerves"
  • Focus on attributing blame, e.g "It's your fault that progressions are low", concentrate on how things can be improved
  • Fall into the trap of forgetting to mention the positives!


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