Planning for change

The planning and design stages of change projects

You have been introduced to the context of change and the strategigc HR role. We now have to turn our attention to the level of operations and detail.

How do you demonstrate the need for change and how do we go about supporting the actual change process itself?

Change projects are initiated to investigate (and sometimes justify) the need for change. Each project will have a different focus; investigate a different issue with a different group of people and to a different timescale.

Investigating current practice (internal)

In order to make well informed business and change decisions, managers need to have an up to date analysis of current practice within their organisation. Change may desired in any number of areas but there may be suspicion that for example recruitment processes will be affected. It is therefore important to establish internal benchmarks of current practice and monitor them for post-change impact.

Investigating current practice (external)

Part of your investigation might include finding out what other organisation are doing.

Investigation employees attitudes and opinions

This kind of research focuses less on the tangible aspects on organisation practice and more on the intangible aspects of working life.

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