Measurement of impact

The measurement of impact is fundamental

If a change initiative is to be successfully integrated into the organisation's activities at the highest level, its effects need to be measured. Unfortunately, possible related to criticism of whether or not measurement is actually possible - the assesment of a change initiative is frequently ignored in practice.

The PIPER acronym

The PIPER acronym can help recall the reasons for measuring your change initiative :

Pragmatic reasons Identifying the good and the bad, helping to eliminate the costs and waste of bad practice.
Intellectual reasons Having information about the validity and reliability of the change processes, which provides evidence for arguing that what is done is being done correctly.
Personal reasons Measuring provides a basis for those doing the work to have self-esteem and take pride in showing that what they do works
Ethical reasons To prove that good service and justice is being provided fairly for all, that what is done is right and proper.
Regulation reasons Measurement is required to collect and analyse data to demonstrate compliance with legal requirements.

 While measurement is important there is no point in conducting it for its own sake. Measurement activities must be balanced with strategic HR activities.


What broad problems can you see with regard to the measurement of your change initiative?

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