Managing change

Recognise the skills needed to diagnose and lead change

All organisations undergo change. Price Waterhouse Coopers consulting (PWC)  and Market Opinion Research International (MORI) did a piece of research on the importance of leaders in a change management process. On the basis of 500 interviews with key change managers in a global sample, problematic " Change Management skills" was the top people-related issue named as a barrier to change and having "top sponsorship" was the most crucial factor in succesful change with 82% of the sample of mentioning it.

Skills for leading and diagnosing change

Transformational leaders have charisma; provide inspiration, intellectual stimulation and individualised consideration. They:

  • provide vision and a sense of mission
  • instil pride
  • gain respect and the trust of others
  • communicate their high expectations
  • use symbols to focus efforts
  • promotte intelligence, rationality and careful problem solving
  • give personal attention
  • treats each employee individually
  • coaches and advises.


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