Evaluating change

Evaluating the management of change

As change takes place, it's important to monitor and evaluate the results of your change initiative. This involves relating the changes to the original strategy and objectives. If changes are not evaluated it will be difficult for managers to determine how well they managed the process.

Monitoring and review will also help you to understand where further improvements may be required. If, for some reason, the change process has not been successful, managers can evaluate why the change process has failed.

Evaluating results

One method of evaluating the process of change is through key performance indicators (KPIs). These monitor how well parts of an organisation are working towards fulfilling business objectives. For example, if an objective was to increase productivity, output can be measured and then compared to output data from before the change programme. This will establish if productivity has increased.

Evaluating outcomes helps to keep the process of change moving forward. For example, if the original strategy needs to be revised, this allows managers to make decisions that enable future processes of change to be more effective.