Actioning change

Making it happen

You have identified why change is necessary and how to conduct an investigation. You have reached the point where you believe you have solid reasons for making recommendations for change. It is now down to your ability as a communicator to produce action on the basis of your investigations.

A change model

Kurt Lewin suggests that there are three critical phases in the implementation of change or innovation:

  • Unfreezing - The stage of organisational change where employees are being prepared for change, often with reference to some sort of external change drive. The challenge in this stage is to weaken old ideas and methods.

  • Changing - This is the transition phase of change where working habits that are incompatible with the new ways of working are (hopefully) set aside in favour of preferred methods.

  • Refreezing - during this stage the approved working methods turn into the accepted way.

Progress through the change or transition stage will depend on the magnitude of the change and the attitude of the individual facing change.