Why use Twitter to network?

Purely for its simplicity. Here's some advice on using Twitter effectively:

Tweet regularly

Use Twitter for actions and/or events that are important to you. Take advantage of the informatility of Twitter to inject your personality in your tweets.

Don't overdo it

Too many tweets can be as harmful as too few! You don't want your followers to ignore you, or worse, stop following you because they're inundated with your tweets.

Be brief

Don't worry about using abbreviations - it's expected, as 140 characters restrict what you can say in any one tweet.  But don't continue your message in a second tweet, as this is not considered good practice.

Think about what you say

Try using Twitter to provide feedback or an insightful perspective on an event or situation.

Include links to external resources

Although Twitter doesn't allow long tweets, it's nevertheless a great way to share information published on various websites. If you include a link, make sure your message gives enough context for your reader to know what it's about.

Get involved

Twitter is a communication tool. The time you spent on Twitter will be more beneficial if you use it to comment and answer other users' questions, rather than using it simply to share information or "lurk" (be an observer).

Don;t forget your audience

If you use Twitter in a professional setting, keep insults and offensive language out of your tweets.  Avoid using all capitals too, as this is perceived as shouting.

Follow other users

This is a good way to expand your network. Don't feel the need to follow everyone who follows you, and don't  feel offended if someone doesn't follow you back.