Identifying your contacts

Here are some suggestions to help you identify contacts in target companies:

  • The organisations themselves (either their website or the HR secretary/administrator)
  • Search engines (eg Google)
  • Websites with a particular slant, allowing you to find very specific jobs
  • Jobs in the media / newspapers - which companies are recruiting?  If they're hiring new salespeople, they may also recruit an administrator to support them, for example.
  • Professional and economic press, eg, The New Economist, which lists British and European companies. Be proactive in consulting recent articles about your industry or a particular company
  • Places which hold official information, such as Job Centres, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Department of Trade and Industry, etc, where you can obtain a list of members and information about particular industries. Consider becoming a member to increase your number of contacts in the industry you are targeting.  Most hold events where you can meet others and expand your network of contacts
  • Business directories: Kompass, Kelly's, Dun & Bradstreet, Europages, etc
  • Industry trade shows
  • Professional unions

Approach your contacts

Once you have identified your contacts, consider your approach in contacting them:

  • Obtain information on the business you want to get into, its industry, its competitors, its recruitment process, etc
  • Ask about the skills required for a given job
  • Circulate your CV and let them know that you are looking for a job
  • Ensure your speculative application is targeted in the right way