Speculative application

A very effective way for a company to recruit

Hiring speculative applicants can be a very effective way for a company to recruit.  In fact, one out of five new recruits is hired this way, so this should be in the forefront of your mind when undertaking a job search. Identify the companies you'd like to work for, particularly those in the sectors which interest you, and those located not too far from where you live. Companies House is a useful place for finding companies listed in the UK. Once you have identified the companies you wish to apply to, write your letter of application with care. Give the reasons why you would like to work for the organisation, and mention the kinds of jobs that you're most interested in. Then, wherever possible, use your network of contacts to put you in touch with relevant people within the company.

And if your speculative application is successful, it's always gratifying to know that you did it off your own back!

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