Networking skills

networkingHow to be successful at networking

Here are few very effective ways to develop your networking skills:

  • Write down key information from contacts including names, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of communication, plus any other pertinent information they share with you

  • Maintain an organised collection of business/networking cards to future contact with your network easier

  • Always keep your information up-to-date and stay in contact with your network

  • Try not to go anywhere without your CV, your business card or your address book

  • Make sure you develop and maintain on-going relationships with the people in your network so that they become interested in you as a person

  • Always thank everyone in your network, preferably with a thank you letter, as it's common courtesy to show your appreciation for their time and help – plus, your contacts will no doubt remember your good manners

  • Further develop your networking skills by attending different networking opportunities. We organise regular workshops, so do come along!