Hidden job market

So where do 80% of the jobs exist?

Answer: The hidden job market!

In order to find out about non-advertised jobs – those in the hidden job market - you need to build your network.  Networking enables you to establish new and future connections that will be helpful to your current job search as well as your career. It also helps you explore your career ideas so that you can choose the career path which best fits with your skills, interests, personality and values. Talk to as many people as possible - it makes perfect sense that you would spend 80% of your job search time on networking, as that’s where 80% of the jobs exist and consequently where you will find most opportunities. 

Here are few tips to help you develop your network and therefore increase your chances of finding a job through the hidden job market:

Does your network know about the kind of employment you are looking for?

How many people know exactly the type of job you're looking for? You'd be surprised how few of the people you know have a clear idea. Define precisely the kind of jobs that interest you and let them know ... they, in turn, can then pass on the information to their contacts.

Build your network at your own pace and in your own way

Try different ways of expanding your network but do get to know them.  Be creative in getting the results you want: "Don't repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstance." Sun Tzu

Be clear when communicating what you want

It will make life easier for those who want to help you. If they know what you want, they will know precisely whom to contact on your behalf.

Establish a relationship with people who have been recommended to you

For some, networking may seem a little superficial and vain. In fact, it's much more effective than you may think. Keep on the lookout for opportunities your contacts may be aware of.

Be selective

Be available to people where there's a genuine two-way exchange and don't waste energy on "time-stealers".

This may come as a surprise

Building a network can take time but, sooner or later, you will be pleasantly surprised when a call or an email comes through telling you about an opportunity!