The art of networking

Being a good networker is knowing how to connect with the people who will be able to support and help you in your job search.

Be proactive in contacting your existing network of contacts (colleagues, friends, neighbours, etc) to gather information about job opportunities. Networking is all about communicating well with others.

You're probably already using your networking skills unconsciously:

  • Have you ever found a good deal by word of mouth?

  • If the answer is yes, then you already know how to network effectively.  If you haven't then why not start by doing this as it should be well within your comfort zone. The term "network" may lead to confusion sometimes but, simply put, it's all about being in contact with others.

Benefits of networking

  • Gathering career and industry information, job market trends, growth areas, etc
  • Gaining advice on approaches to job search, doing well in interviews, etc
  • Discovering job leads or opportunities that exist in your field
  • Developing other market contacts who may have more information about jobs
  • Gathering feedback on your CV and cover letter


To get a job, you must stand out from other candidates. This can be difficult when you consider that each job ad attracts about 1500 CVs.

A lot of  employers, particularly SMEs, prefer not to publish an ad to reduce the cost and time associated with recruitment. Employers generally aren't keen to go through hundreds of CVs. Many opt for speculative applications or reliable recommendations.

Your resources: