What negociation means?

The main principles of negotiation

Negotiating is conducting a constructive discussion with the other side to create a climate of mutual trust by seeking common ground for both sides. Before negotiation begins, you should think carefully about the conditions of work you want and determine what you are prepared to negotiate on and what you are not. Consider including issues concerning wages, hours of work, status etc.

During negotiation your aim is to convince and persuade.

The art of persuasion can be learned - these are the attitudes that should help you convince:

  • Be credible - you must offer concrete claims and be prepared to prove them. Whether this is at interview stage or during negotiation, back up your claims with with tangible facts. For example, your results, sales figures, major achievemnents etc.

  • Be consistent - your argument must be considered and built;

  • Be consistent - show that you are driven by real convictions that drive you

  • Be comfortable with yourself and with others - accept your flaws and qualities. Your aim is to be authentic and to adapt to the responses of the other person.