Practical points

Practical points to consider before accepting the offer

Allow a little time. Respond enthusiastically and thank the employer for the offer, but do not agree immediately unless you're fully convinced that the role is right for you. Ask the recruiter for a little time to consider your decision.

Here are some points on which you can negotiate:

  • the type and duration of the contract

  • schedules, work rate (annualised contract, part, work on weekends etc)

  • the workplace: fixed or variable?

  • the status of the role

  • possible changes to the position

  • the salary

  • other benefits: bonus, company car, health insurance, meal vouchers, transportation allowance, canteen, overtime etc

  • annual leave entitlement

You should request a letter or email be sent to you before you accept or decline a job offer. A written offer should include salary, workplace, job title, hours of work and an indication of the terms of the contract. Read it carefully.