Negotiating the offer


You shone in the interview and now you've received an offer of employment. Before negotiating your working conditions, think about the following:

Time to think

Most organisations will give you time to think. Ask the employer how much time you have to make your decision.


Does the proposed salary meet your needs and expectations? Will it cover your lifestyle? Find out if the employer offers bonuses, profit sharing, etc, as these could increase your income substantially.

Other benefits

Does the paid holiday entitlement meet your expectations?  Also check whether the employer offers a pension plan, group insurance, etc.

Work schedule and environment

How many hours are worked in a typical week? What is the policy on overtime? If you had the opportunity to meet with your supervisor or other employees during the interview, visualise what your working relationship with these people might be like.


How well does the job offered fit with your career plan? Will it help you to achieve your short and long-tem objectives? Are there good opportunities to advance your career?


Now is the time to meet the employer again to give your decision. If you have decided to negotiate on salary, ask for a little more than you really want, without going overboard.  If, in the meantime, you get another job offer of equal interest to you, you could try for a little more.

Be clear and concise when negotiating. You must demonstrate that you know your value, but without overstating it. Expect a second offer from the employer. This might be closer to your original goal.


Would you like to develop your negotiation skills?

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