Prepare your questions

Some examples

During a job interview, it is extremely important to ask questions. If you don't ask any, the recruiter may interpret your silence as a lack of interest in the position. So always prepare some questions to ask during the interview.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Describe a typical workday.

  • What is your management style?

  • Who will be my supervisor? (if not specified in the job description) if you offer me the job, when could I meet him/her?

  • How many people work in the department?

  • How many people would I have to manage?

  • How big is the department's turnover? (Be careful with this question)

  • What are the opportunites for promotion?

  • Will there be overtime?

  • Is there a bonus system?

  • What are the prospects for career development and training?

  • Is there an annual appraisal?

  • If I am selected for the job, when can I expect to hear from you?

  • Do you have any other questions about me?

Questions not to ask

  • What does the company do? (do your research ahead)

  • If I get the job, when can I take my next holiday?

  • If I get the job, when can I ask for a rise?