Simulating your interview

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Although you can never know exactly what questions you are going to be asked, there are some that crop up frequently in interviews. We suggest you prepare answers to some likely questions, and back up your answers with examples. This is particularly relevant for competence-based intervews, where you will be expected to provide factual evidence for the skills and abilities given on your CV.  A typical question might be: "Tell me about a specific time when ..."  The fact that you have all the qualifications for the position will not be challenged.

Try to be positive and concise with your answers. If you are uncertain that you have given enough detail or depth in your answer, check with the interviewer: "Does that answer your question or would you like me to give you another example?"

Focus on you and your career, so use "I" rather than "we" when describing what you did - the employer wants to know about you, not the rest of your team.  Never criticise your former employers or colleagues even if you have a good reason to do so - it won't go down well.