Interview process

Get prepared for your job interview

A job interview is not only the decisive phase of recruitment, but it's also a two-way process.

The recruiter will want to check that you meet all the qualifications and skills the job requires, that you can integrate easily into the team and that you will stay in the job.

For your part, you will want to find out as much as you can about the job and the company culture, and whether the salary and other benefits match what you are looking for.

Remember that the employer has called you for an interview, having sifted through lots of application forms or CVs and, based on the information you have supplied, feels you can fulfil the role. In most cases, recruiters want to fill the position as soon as possible. So here's your opportunity to provide all the evidence needed to convince the employer  that you are the person for the job.

Few people actually enjoy a job interview, but it does provide the opportunity for a face-to-face conversation. While it might seem like an interrogation, it is really a dialogue between two or more people, where information is exchanged. And this exchange of information is important for both you and the employer to verify that the role and your profile are a good fit. 



Do practise your job interview in preparation for the big day. Why not consult our career coaches with expertise in job search to help you prepare thorougly.