Tips and advice


  • Maximum 2 x A4 pages (in general)

  • Font - plain and simple, eg Arial, Times New Roman

  • Remember that the first half of the first page is the one that has the most impact

  • Use action verbs

  • Use bulletpoints

  • Use titles and give dates

  • Use words used in the job advertisement (but don't copy word for word)

  • Provide practical examples of the skills and experience you describe

  • Use statistics in your results, eg increased sales by £15,000

  • Ensure your CV highlights the information relevant to the job for which you are applying

  • Use high-quality paper (for paper versions)



  • Personal pronouns

  • Excessive use of colour

  • Dense blocks of text

  • Staples

  • Folding

  • Photos (unless requested in the ad)

  • Quirky email addresses

  • Misspellings

  • Unexplained career gaps