Define your offer

Defining your offer means being clear about what you have to offer (skills, abilities, experience, competences) and being able to provide supporting evidence (facts and examples). Be clear and confident in expressing the skills, experience and knowledge that you have.

Here are several approaches to help you

  • Start by brainstorming or by mindmapping. Jot down information about your career in an unstructured way as it comes to mind, identifying any key words.

  • List the main jobs you have previously held. Then list the skills, experience and expertise that you gained in each role. Think about a typical day to help you refresh your memory. The coaching exercise "home skills" provides a helpful structure for this.

  • If you're returning to the labour market after a sabbatical or time off raising a family, then think about the things you've been doing during this time. What skills and experience have you developed (eg time management, multi-tasking, interpersonal skills)? Remember to include these as they have just as much value as those ​​acquired professionally.

  • Draw on the research you've done for the job you're looking for, especially a job description if you have one, for information - organisational objectives, for example. Then think about how your skills, experience and knowledge fit with the various headings.

  • The coaching exercise  "CAR" was designed to identify the challenges, actions taken and results for each example given.

  • Make sure you include supporting evidence. Your CV will be more impactful if you can provide examples of what you have done and of your experience and skills. Keep a few extra examples aside for your cover letter and/or the interview.