Define your audience

Defining your audience means knowing who your CV is intended for. This includes knowing what skills the recruiters need for the job on offer.

Think about the following:

Specify what kind of job you want

  • State the job title you are applying for

  • Contact recruiters and make a note of similar vacancies

Decide where you want to work

  • Public or private sector, customer service, etc

  • SMEs, or organisations with a flat structure

  • A particular type of industry

  • A dynamic or quiet working environment

What skills and experience is the employer is looking for?

  • Give some thought to the job ad (or a recent example if you don't want to apply for a specific job) and focus on the skills and experience that the employer is looking for

  • Ask the employer for a job description when applying for a particular job if it's not already provided.

  • Contact people in similar roles

  • Read recruitment magazines, newspapers, etc

Show why you are right for this job

  • If your skills match business needs, eg, good interpersonal skills

  • What are your values​​? What motivates you at work? For example, you love having good working relationships with colleagues and clients