Tips and advice

Tips and advice on organising your job search

Looking for a job takes time

Results are not always immediate, so be patient. If you plan to use the Internet as the main method for your job search, we recommend you identify some useful sites and use them regularly.

Setting up your budget

Your job search will automatically incur some costs, though some of these can be prevented. You can, for instance, get  free Internet access at your local library.

Don't expect a positive response to every application

In fact, negative responses are to be expected when you are searching for a job. Don't let a rejection bring you down; instead use the feedback you receive constructively.  Remember -  from an employer's point of view - a rejection is less about you than about them finding the candidate who matches their requirements perfectly!

And don't be disheartened if you don't hear anything back when you apply for jobs. We know it's frustrating, but unfortunately this seems to be the way the recruitment market works nowadays - don't take it personally.

Finding a job can be a lengthy process

Opportunities often come at the least expected moment. Don't give up if the results are not immediate, but persevere in your job search and manage your expectations.

Think twice before applying

Does the role on offer match with your skills and experience? Is it worth spending ages applying for lots of jobs, or does it make more sense to spend time deepening your knowledge of a particular company before applying for a role? Your emphasis should be on the quality of your research rather than the number of CVs you send out.

A position is often filled by a candidate who does not fully meet all the requirements

If you feel that your profile meets the requirements of the role quite well, it's worth applying. For example, if an employer appreciates your attitude and values, s/he may offer you some training if you're not familiar with Excel, for example. Don't be disheartened by the ads that seem to be looking for "superwoman" or "superman".

If you are looking for a flexible role, remember that an employer can sometimes be open to job-sharing among several employees.

Don't hesitate to contact the employer if you need further information. However, make sure you first demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained from previous jobs, before discussing anything else or asking for more information.