The job market

action planInvestigating the job market

You need to investigate the job market. Perhaps you are pulled towards a career in agriculture and have the relevant skills.  However, you live in London and although you'd like to move out, it's just not feasible.

It's important to consider environmental constraints as they will help you to target your job search.  Identify the employment sectors in the area where you live, those who are recruiting and what they're looking for in terms of skills or qualifications.

The job market has no physical representation: it is not a place, it is not tangible nor organised.  It is more about where the latest jobs are opening up, where the new career opportunities are and the latest trends in the recruitment market.

It is widely accepted that most jobs are never formally announced or published - and this is especially true for flexible working! The job market is not always easy to identify.  Be as proactive as you can: seek information, join networks, find out where you need to be to increase your chances of being noticed. Applying for jobs online is necessary but not enough in itself.


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