action planIdeas on implementing an effective action plan

  • Determine the job search methods and  techniques best suited to your needs

  • Focus on your strengths, and avoid drawing attention to your weaknesses/difficulties, as some tend to do

  • Keep a constant check on your progress through self-assessment, coaching with one of our qualified coaches, and by measuring what you've learned or developed from day-to-day experience

  • Keep developing your skills, especially the ones that need improving.  And maintain a positive mindset, as this will help you enjoy your job search

  • Recognise your progress.  As you become more competent in an activity, you will also feel more confident!

  • Plan and diarise your plan of action, so you can both manage it effectively and  assess your progress

  • Put aside some time each week for your job search. Use your time wisely by focusing on the priority tasks leading to specific goals

  • Give yourself a deadline for completing each task

  • Note actions related to your job search as this will help you to follow-up appropriately with prospective employers/recruiters

  • Set yourself weekly goals

  • Identify methods and techniques that suit you best and bring you the most meaningful results

  • Note how much time you spend on each method and give priority to those that are most effective

  • Discuss your plan with one of our qualified coaches who can support you throughout the process and help you track your progress

  • Celebrate your successes regularly to maintain your motivation


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