action planFollowing up with prospective employers

You've had a job interview and you're now wondering what you should do next.

Well, you can either wait patiently - assuming the employer will contact you if they are interested -  or you can choose to take follow-up action.

Why not use our online template to keep track of each application's progress. At a glance, you'll be able to see the status of each role you've applied for, the dates on which you contacted a prospective employer, and all actions you've taken.

How this template can support you

  • List all contacts in alphabetical order who are useful to your job search or who may be able to recommend you to a prospective employer

  • Note any useful websites that you come across

  • Identify organisations of interest to you, together with any background information and possible job openings

  • Jot down notes and points that you would like to discuss further with a qualified coach


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