Action plan

Find your ideal job

Finding the perfect job while maintaining a good work/life balance takes time and energy. So be patient.

Here are three key areas to look at when putting together your action plan:

Your offering

Be clear in your own mind about what you have to offer employers. It is essential that you are clear not only about this, but also about what you want and what you are worth.  We recommend that you put together a career plan for both the short and medium term so you can measure your progress as you go along.

Your market

  • Know your target market well
  • Identify potential employers for speculative applications
  • Position yourself, understand fully your prospective employer's expectations and adjust your approach accordingly

Your strategy

This is all about identifying and implementing a strategy that will support your goals, for example, using an application form if the employer has requested applications are made this way, or using your professional network to find out as much as you can about the employer and even the role.


Our  career coaches with expertise on job search can help you to put together an action plan suited to your needs.