Presentation skills

bilan de compétencesIdeas for great presentations

Studies have shown that thorough preparation can reduce the anxiety by as much as 75% so it is really important not to overlook this phase.

When planning a presentation, think about:

  1. The purpose of the presentation
  2. Your audience
  3. The content of the presentation
  4. The timing
  5. The structure
  6. Use of visual aids
  7. Practical arrangements
  8. Rehearsal

When delivering a presentation, think about:

Once you are fully prepared, you should feel more confident about delivering your presentation. In order to produce an outstanding presentation, you need to be able to harness your stress and transform it into vitality and enthusiasm:

  1. Breathing and relaxation.
  2. Speaking - be in control of your volume and clarity, tone of voice, pace and silences.
  3. Non-verbal behaviour - from eye contact to controlling your nervous habits.
  4. Maintaining audience interest and attention. Think about ways of connecting with your audience straight away.
  5. Handling questions - plan to deal with questions at the end of a presentation but make it clear that if a participant needs to clarify a point, they can do so during the presentation.
  6. Closing the presentation - is as important as the starts. Here it is important to summarise what has been discussed and reinforce any action points that have been agreed.
  7. Reflect, reflect and reflect

Questions to help you reflect on your performance

Did I get my point across?

Was my purpose clear?

Was I thorougly prepared?

Was the presentation well structured?

Did I capture the audience's attention at the beginning? Did I keep it?

Was my presentation style appropriate to the situation?

Did anything throw me off balance?

Did I stick to my time schedule?

Did I end only once?

Did I control my nerves?

Did I use appropriate non-verbal behaviour?

Was my speaking voice clear, with correct pace, tone and volume?

Were my visual aids interesting and engaging? Did they support my message and enhance the overall presentation?