Social awareness

Social awareness is the active process of seeking out information about what is happening in the communities around you.

Consider the needs of individuals and groups

People need to feel heard, valued, respected and acknowledged. Develop sensitivity to the needs of others. It may mean acknowledging the needs of relatives, friends and co-workers, and practicing selflessness.

Examine your role in conflicts

The use of excessive force, intimidation and aggression are common strategies when dealing with conflict. Some people avoid conflicts at all costs. Others choose the company of passive people or engage in passive aggressive behaviours.

Consider the role that you play in perpetuating conflicts and commit to living a more socially harmonious life.

Increase your sensitivity to social justice and harmony

For adults, increasing sensitivity to social justice may mean taking the time to listen to news reports from around the globe and donating to causes that advance human rights.

Educate yourself on social issues

Racism, sexism and poverty are just a few examples of issues plaguing society. For adults, options include taking college classes, joining discussion groups or volunteering for organisations that address prevalent social issues.

Step out of your comfort zone to experience unfamiliar groups

Whether you venture out to a different side of town or travel to a different country, exposing yourself to diverse cultures and ways of life will expand your thinking and view of the world. Being exposed to different belief systems, cuisines and lifestyles is useful for expanding your social circle and building tolerance for diverse viewpoints.

Practice compassion

Social transformation requires a commitment to exploring and understanding divergent viewpoints. Develop empathy by consciously imagining yourself in the position of those in a different or less fortunate situation.

Commit to a social awareness plan

Slipping into apathy and isolation can be easy given life's sometimes overwhelming demands. Design a plan that keeps you continually aware socially:

  • Serve in your community.
  • Engage in a social activity on a daily basis.
  • Practice speaking up in defence of others.

Ask others to support your efforts to become more socially aware

When friends, family and colleagues realise that you want to become more socially engaged, they are more likely to invite you to volunteer at events and join them in community activities.

Source: WikiHow