Exercise 1 : CV


A great CV is probably your single most important tool for landing your perfect job.

It's main purpose is to persuade a potential employer that you have what it takes to do the job well and, most importantly, persuade the employer to offer you a face-to-face interview.  Recruiters have very little time to read your CV, so it's vital that yours stands out from the crowd


The purpose of this exercise is to give you the opportunity to identify, collate and communicate all your relevant skills, experience, qualifications and training in a succinct CV so that your application has the wow-factor.

By the end of the exercise you should have:

  • Identified all your relevant skills, experience, qualifications and training
  • Learned how to present these in a clear and concise CV


This exercise is structured in a way that allows you to reflect and make notes.  Put as much detail as you want in the spaces provided.

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